Speed Wipe Quick Detailer (16 OZ)

Product Description

Reasons to Buy This Product!

  • Super slick formula
  • Fresh cherry scent
  • UV protection
  • Reduces static cling by 75%
  • Enhances shine and protection
  • Removes dirt, dust, fingerprints and water spots

About Speed Wipe Quick Detailer

Chemical Guys Speed Wipe is a gloss enhancing quick detail spray designed to deliver a static-free mirror shine in minutes. The all-new Speed Wipe is 100% wax free and formulated with pure gloss enhancers and advanced UV solar blocking technology. Speed Wipe is engineered to repel dust by reducing static cling by up to 75% and easily removes dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges in seconds. Formulated using all new gloss enhancing polymers, Speed Wipe creates an impressive show winning shine. The streak-free formula works on clear coat and single stage paint for a bright shine on any vehicle. The versatile formula also works great on chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel and glass surfaces. Simply spray Speed Wipe on the surface, gently remove dirt and debris using a premium microfiber cloth, and buff to a streak-free shine. It’s that easy! Speed Wipe leaves your paint with a thin protective layer that bonds with waxes and sealants to give a slick, high gloss shine.

Streak Free Shine

The wax-free synthetic formula ensures that Speed Wipe works great on any painted surface. The versatile detail spray performs excellent on metal, chrome, stainless steel and even glass for a streak free finish. Chemical Guys Speed Wipe creates a high gloss shine on any surface with just a simple wipe of a microfiber towel. Quickly remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges and road grime in seconds. The innovative formula even allows Speed Wipe to be used in direct sunlight.

Ultimate Versatility

Achieve a high gloss shine in minutes on any car, truck, motorcycle, boat or classic automobile. Speed wipe can also be used on painted exterior surfaces, chrome bumpers, windshields, trim, painted wheels, chrome grilles and even faux wood grain trim. Speed Wipe can be used on all clear coat and single stage paint colors and surfaces that require a deep wet shine. Whether you are cleaning your show car, detailing your weekend warrior or performing your weekly wash on your daily driver, Chemical Guys Speed Wipe will produce a deep wet shine that is guaranteed to impress.

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