Autostacker PL-6SR (220V)

Product Description

BendPak's newest product and brand, the Autostacker

A column-less, fully collapsible platform-style parking lift

The Autostacker is the latest-model parking lift to hit the home and commercial markets. With the strength to handle loads up to 6,000 lbs. and the minimal footprint necessary for a home garage lift, the Autostacker is the perfect garage parking lift for any home or shop owner. Autostacker is no sniveling, tinker-toy hobby lift, nor is it “more of the same” kind of parking lift that was initially designed for commercial garages and lazily shoved onto home buyers—no. This is something new.

Anyone who’s ever dreamed of owning their home car lift has probably run into a series of familiar problems. One, mechanical parking systems are often unsightly in home garages. Two, most parking lifts feature posts and columns that obstruct access around the garage. Three, low-profile vehicles often have trouble loading onto the platform without specialty ramps that take up even more space. And four, many parking lifts feature a tilting platform to allow the top vehicle to fit in a low-clearance garage. Autostackers solves all these problems and so much more.

The Autostacker Home Car Lift

Autostacker is ideal for anyone looking for a home car lift—anyone who wants to double their parking space. Autostacker features a smaller footprint than virtually
any parking lift or four-post lift you’ve ever seen. A small footprint means more people than ever have the option to fit a powerful, versatile and safe parking lift in the comfort and security of home.

Ever feel like the walls are closing in on you?

Your once-pristine car parking lair now sits idle as a testament to life’s great progress. The stable that had previously housed the sports cars, boats and other toys has been repurposed into a salvage yard, cluttered by tired, dusty Christmas ornaments and your kids’ trophies. Take back your garage and quit parking outside. Autostacker lifts and stores vehicles for extended periods of time, but it fits tons of other items too. Its single-platform design holds bulky or boxed items without a hitch. Whether you take extended vacations, have kids in college, hate the daily driveway shuffle or reside somewhere else for extended periods of time, Autostacker creates the storage space you need in the comfort and safety of home.



  • Overall Width: 103.2” / 2,620 mm
  • Overall Length: 144” / 3,658 mm
  • Max. Wheelbase: 124” / 3,150 mm
  • Platform Width: 83.8” / 2,128 mm
  • Ramp Height (entry): 2” / 51 mm
  • Lifting Height on top lock: 88.7” / 2,255 mm
  • Under Clearance on top lock: 82” / 2,083 mm


    Standard - Power Unit Console

    • Single unit operation
    • Motor Horsepower: 2HP
    • Power Consumption: 1,500 Watts
    • MotorVoltage: 208-240V,50/60Hz/1Ph
    • StartingAmps: 25A
    • Normal Running Amps: 12-18A


    • Right side scissors superstructure
    • Left side scissors superstructure
    • Front wheel trough
    • Ramp assembly with logo plate
    • Lower front tie-bar
    • Galvanized decking sections
    • Front tire stops
    • Power unit control console
    • Complete assembly parts package including all fasteners, hoses, fittings & anchor bolts
    • Installation and operators manual


    • Standard power unit console: 35 seconds
    • Optional multi-unit power unit console: 20 seconds

    Optional multi-unit power unit console available (Operates up to 10 lifts)



    There’s what we might call a “Goldilocks” problem when it comes to both home car lifts and commercial parking lifts. That’s to say, sometimes a lift is large enough to handle high-stance vehicles, but it’s too bulky to fit in anything but a super-tall garage. On the other hand, there are low-clearance parking lifts made for businesses and residences, but they come with a narrow drive-through, clunky side posts and platform clearance issues. Autostacker has re-engineered typical parking lift designs to make the lift that’s “just right” for you—no matter who you are.


    Fully collapsible service lifts are common: the pit lifts you see in oil service centers and the mid-rise scissor lifts found in auto shops worldwide do not use side posts. Like Autostacker, these lifts use powerful hydraulic cylinders that push directly against the vehicle platform; the cylinders collapse into the structure and make for a smaller overall footprint. Unlike Autostacker, however, these car lifts are meant as service lifts. Autostacker is the first dedicated parking lift to feature this sort of collapsible design.


    By eliminating cumbersome side posts and load-bearing outrigger tubes typically found on other parking lift designs, we ensure Autostacker is truly low-profile and low-stress. When navigating through a plague of posts (imagine with a bag of groceries), it’s easy to trip and fall—or even worse— and that’s after your amazing vehicle-exit contortion act. With the post-free design of the Autostacker, we promise you’ll come to appreciate how much easier it is to exit your car and get around. You’ll also enjoy having less exposed stuff to maintain, clean, care for, etc. The collapsed structure gently slopes to just over a foot off the ground, so it never threatens to disrupt the look of your garage or shop.


    The approach ramp is perfect for low-profile vehicles, such as sports cars, race kit builds and vehicles with dropped suspensions, to name a few types. Most parking lift platforms can only achieve this with extra-long approach ramps, and these add-on ramps take up a lot of your precious space. Autostacker’s approach ramp is kept short. To keep it from getting steep, we integrate a gentle incline into the drive-on platform. The incline ends in a small wheel trough that’s just deep enough to catch your wheels and keep them safe without scratching or denting your vehicle.


    Autostacker is an official division of BendPak Inc., the world’s largest distributor of car lifts and automotive equipment. For over 50 years, BendPak has grown and developed from a small California-based tubing company into the industry powerhouse it is today. From the time BendPak started manufacturing its own car lift line in the mid-1980s, the company name has been synonymous with quality and dependability.

    The same important pride of construction that goes into BendPak products also goes into the Autostacker parking lift. In fact, Autostacker was designed by the same engineers who design BendPak lifts, and it’s manufactured in the same facilities. While Autostacker stands as its own brand, it offers the same great value and high level of innovation BendPak’s customers have come to expect.


    Autostacker is not the first division of BendPak Inc. to branch off and make a name for itself. Ranger Products is the largest BendPak division, manufacturing wheel service equipment, brake lathes, oil filter crushers, industrial parts washers and hundreds of other pieces of garage equipment. Both BendPak and Ranger are renowned for helping increase the bottom lines of auto shops across the globe.


    BendPak’s headquarters in Santa Paula, CA is home to Autostacker, BendPak and Ranger. A massive 70,000 sq. ft. shipping and receiving facility for car lifts and shop equipment was added to their offices in 2017, increasing BendPak’s ability to order, ship and move massive quantities of product.  This efficiency is only the beginning. Another large 60,000+ sq. ft. expansion is on its way, which will mean even better value and still faster response times from the world leader in automotive equipment sales. With BendPak and Autostacker, the best just keeps getting better.

      $ 6,250.00


      Products will ship via FedEx or USPS


      Products will ship via FedEx or USPS


      Products will ship via FedEx or UPS directly from the manufacturer in Tucker, GA


      Products will ship via FedEx directly from the manufacturer in Indio, CA



      BendPak/Ranger products are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer in Santa Paula, CA.

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      Shipments should be thoroughly inspected by consignee as soon as they are received. The signed Bill of Lading is acknowledgement by the carrier of receipt in good condition of shipment covered by the Bill of Lading. If any of the goods called for on the Bill of Lading are shorted or damaged outside of normal handling abrasions and marks, consignee should not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or implied damaged. 

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      • Chemical Guys Products
      • SONAX Products
      • Please contact Garage Enthusiast within 14 days of your original shipment or warranty exchange for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number before returning your product to Garage Enthusiast. 
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      • No returns of any type will be accepted without an RMA number and completed RMA form. 
      • Returned items must be shipped via ground service only - do not return items by air unless authorized in writing. 
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      • BendPak/Ranger: Once an item arrives at BendPak, we will issue a full or partial credit, exchange or refund within 15 days.
      • Wall Control:  Once an item arrives at Wall Control, we will issue a full or partial credit, exchange or refund within 15 days.
      • Additional time may be required depending on the nature of the return. 
      • Returns must be made within 15 days of the Return Authorization being provided. Any incurred costs associated with damaged merchandise will be deducted from credits owed. Garage Enthusiast is not responsible for merchandise damaged in return shipment. We strongly recommend you package the items carefully to ensure safe passage. For non-warranty items, we suggest you fully insure your return shipment in case of loss or damage.