Jet Seal Matte Paint Sealant (16 OZ)

Product Description

Reasons to Buy This Product!

  • Designed specifically for matte surfaces
  • Up to 12 months of protection
  • Great for matte paintwork, wheels and vinyl finishes
  • Prevents fading and discoloration
  • UV protection shield
  • Advanced sealant formula

How it Works

Jet Seal Matte is the world’s first protective sealant designed specifically for matte finishes. Matte vehicles require the highest level of protection to prevent stains, fading, and discoloration. Jet Seal Matte uses innovation nano-tech polymers to create a durable shield against the elements. Jet Seal Matte provides up to 12 months of protection for your matte surfaces. The innovative sealant formula protects against water spots, contamination and discoloration while creating a sharp finish. Jet Seal Matte preserves the original appearance of your matte vehicles. Matte surfaces easily become stained and discolored from UV solar rays. Jet Seal Matte utilizes advanced UV protection technology that blocks harmful solar rays. The easy to use formula can be applied by hand or machine to virtually any matte surface. The unique polymers inside Jet Seal Matte enhance the original appearance of your matte vehicle. Protect and maintain your matte finish for up to 12 months with the innovative Jet Seal Matte sealant and paint protection.

Jet Seal Matte provides durable protection and enhanced appearance to any matte vinyl and painted surfaces. The versatile formula protects OEM matte and frost paintwork equipped on many new automobiles. Jet Seal Matte is easy-to-use and can be applied by hand or machine. Simply apply a thin layer of Jet Seal Matte to any clean matte surface. After a 20 minute dry time, simply remove the sealant using a premium microfiber towel to expose a bold matte finish. Jet Seal Matte works great on matte paintwork and matte wheels for versatile application on any vehicle. Protect any matte car, truck, motorcycle, RV and even airplanes for up to 12 months. Protect your matte vehicle using the advanced polymer protection of Chemical Guys Jet Seal Matte. Jet Seal Matte is designed to provide the highest level of protection to any matte vehicle. The advanced nano-tech polymers are formulated to shield and protect matte paintwork and vinyl wrapped surfaces. Jet Seal Matte is enhanced with a new advanced polymer that bond to any matte surface to create a durable layer of solid protection. The protective polymer shield protects against UV solar rays, discoloration, water spots and stains. Jet Seal Matte was developed using aerospace technology for maximum protection. The innovative sealant is designed to perform in the harshest environments. Protect against the intense desert heat and extreme winter cold using the world’s most durable sealant for matte surfaces.

Not all matte finishes are the same. Paint finishes vary. Vinyl materials vary. Therefore, outside of environmental factors, your vehicle's finish is a factor in how long the product needs to dry on your vehicle before being removed. This will also affect the ease in which the product is removed. When first using the product, do small test areas and multiple time intervals to see what works best for you. Please note that due to the different matte finishes, this product may not be used with plasti dip, we advise to test a small area first due to the different types of finishes.

How to Use:

  1. Shake well
  2. Clean surface before application
  3. Apply a thin layer of Jet Seal by hand or machine
  4. Allow Jet Seal to dry for 20 minutes
  5. Buff using a premium microfiber towel
  6. Do not wash vehicle for 12 hours allowing Jet Seal to completely bond to the surface
Note: Not intended for Plasti-Dip surfaces. Please be sure to test a small area first on all matte finishes.
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