All Clean+ Citrus Based All Purpose Super Cleaner (16 OZ)

Product Description

Reasons to Buy This Product!

  • All natural cleaning formula
  • Works on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Eliminates dirt and grime upon contact
  • Superior foaming action
  • Fresh citrus scent
  • Can be diluted for various cleaning needs

How it Works

All Clean+ is a citrus-based, all natural cleaning formula that cleans away dirt, grime and stains from any surface.   All Clean+ is an all-purpose cleaner that cleans virtually any surface and is safe to use on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The all-natural citrus-based formula is designed to remove dirt, grime, stains and filth faster than ever imaged from any surface. The professional strength biodegradable All Clean+ removes stains and odors with the cleaning power that detailers demand. It works on everything from carpets to engines bays. All Clean+ has superior foaming action that is strong enough to lift dirt and grime directly out of floor mats but gentle enough to safely clean plastics and vinyl. All Clean+ works wonders on tires, plastics, rubber, carpet, wheels, door jams, engines and undercarriages by eliminating grease, grime, dirt and tar upon contact. This advanced all purpose cleaner allows for endless detailing possibilities and is the perfect solution for your exterior/interior cleaning needs.

All Natural Formula

The unique All Clean+ formula uses the power of nature to remove dirt and grime easier than ever imagined. Natural citrus extracts break down heavy dirt and grime upon contact restoring any surface back to showroom condition. All Clean+ is tough on dirt, yet gentle on sensitive surfaces giving you ultimate cleaning possibilities. Plastic surfaces can be restored back to glory with the natural cleaning power. The fresh citrus scent makes detailing your vehicle a pleasant experience while also removing odors.

Superior Foaming Action

All Clean+ utilizes foaming technology for a deep cleaning on any surface. The superior foaming action gets deep down into carpet fibers, cracks and crevices making it ideal in removing dirt, dust and grime effortlessly.

Cleans Interior and Exterior Surfaces

Discover the true meaning of versatility. All Clean+ can clean any surface, both interior and exterior. Clean carpets, tires, plastics and engine bays with this advanced super cleaner. Our high-tech cleaning formula will restore surfaces back to original condition quickly and easily. All Clean+ is also super concentrated allowing one gallon to make up to 20 gallons giving you more bang for the buck.

How to Use:

  1. Rinse the surface area with plenty of water to loosen dirt and grease
  2. Dilute 10 parts water with 1 part product for exterior use. Dilute 20 parts water to 1 part product for interior use
  3. Spray on and let sit for a few minutes
  4. If necessary, agitate with a sponge or brush
  5. Rinse off with a sharp stream of water
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